NU-SCI in the Sciences

NU-SCI, funded by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI), aims to make changes to the University to become more inclusive in the sciences. Through institutional change, we aim to increase interest and success in the sciences for students who are underrepresented on the basis of their race/ethnicity/socioeconomic group as well as first-generation college students and undergraduates who enter fouryear institutions through nontraditional pathways. Northeastern is one of 57 colleges and universities nationwide who have received a grant in this Inclusive Excellence program thus far.

Our Approaches to Fostering an Inclusive Environment

  • Lower Barriers to Learning: We work with faculty through workshops and teaching groups to raise awareness of the nontraditional student experience and to support success and persistence in science. Our goal is to change faculty behavior and course design/content to incorporate more inclusive teaching practices, creating classrooms that are more welcoming and more effective.
  • Build Bridges Across the Institution: We work to engage nontraditional students and to de-mystify science for those starting their academic paths. Our efforts include offering monthly gatherings/lunches for students in the Foundation Year program that include science faculty and guest speakers to talk about science. We are also designing introductory courses to better engage nontraditional students and facilitating research opportunities to build community and a sense of identity as scientists.